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Both Lainey and I enjoy cooking and entertaining, often doing both simultaneously. Sometimes you just aren’t completely done with preparations before guests arrive, and often the party starts while we are all in the kitchen finishing up last details. Having a cute apron over, undoubtedly, a killer party outfit, allows us to look cute while frantically worrying over the fluffiness of our souffle (if on the menu).

We’re not the only ones who are diggin’ aprons right now.  In the latest issue of Flea Market Style,  there was a whole spread dedicated vintage aprons.



Estate sales are loaded with vintage aprons. They come in a variety of materials, detail, and design and are usually pretty inexpensive. When we came across this sweet, pear appliqued half-apron it was love at first tie! I’m hoping that the previous owner was a master chef and some of her cooking magic is still with the apron! (Hey I said I enjoy cooking, never said I was good at it!)

apron1 apron2

If cooking’s not your thing, throw on an apron and put your store/restaurant-bought goodies on some vintage serving pieces and no one will be the wiser!