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Summer is officially over and it is time to get to work! For me, “getting to work” primarily means getting my dissertation done and crossing off some projects on my ever-growing to do list.

A few of the things I hope to finish this fall…

Victrola cabinet turned “mini-bar”: My dad and I have tinkered with this project for over a year and it is time to get this one off the books.  We’ve gutted this Victrola cabinet and will be installing a marble counter where the record player was, installing a wine glass rack and shelves, and giving the exterior a new color (shiny black maybe?). Stay tuned for the “after” pictures!


Tree stump tables: A couple of years ago we had a big tree removed out at the lake house and have several large stumps sitting in the wood pile. This weekend my dad and I picked a couple out to turn into small tables like this one that I found on Pinterest.

Antler art? project: This project is a recent add to the list. While walking around downtown Edom, TX, I came across a deal I couldn’t resist…a box of antlers for $15! Not sure what the final plan for them is, but I have some ideas that involve paint and glitter! Like the other projects, I will share all of the details when I’m done!


Christmas: I’m planning on making a majority of my Christmas presents this year, so I’ve got to figure out what those will be and get them finished. Having a large family means I can’t wait until the week before to get everything done!

With football, school, and travel taking up a good portion of my time, getting these projects done will probably take all semester. Don’t worry, I’ve got more things I want to tackle if I can find the time.

What projects on your to do?