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Red Hen has been one busy bird, as she’s been caring after her little chicky – my niece! As one would expect, Red Hen has this little girl outfitted in only the finest antique and vintage accoutrement, including this wonderful baby walker:

I’m not sure what kind of shape this walker was in when Red Hen found it, but I’ve seen them with lead paint peeling and rusted wheels awry. No doubt the elbow grease, new paint, and wood wax was well worth it to her, as the Red Hen proudly shows off her granddaughters impressive mobility!

My sweet niece has fiercly enjoyed her newfound freedom as she toddles about the house with these sleek wheels guiding the way.

tAB - Antique Baby Walker (9)

I can say with certainty that any squeaks or shuffling sounds that come from this piece of childhood history is a hundred times better than the blinking lights or obnoxious beeps some of today’s toys make!