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Saturday Lainey and I head down to Round Top (with my momma in tow) to spend the day basking in vintage and antique gloriousness! Visiting vintage events like this one, where there is a lot of ground to cover (usually in a short time) takes some planning and strategy! Which is why we’ve come up with our favorite tips for making the most out of a day at Marburger (or Canton or Vintage Market Days, etc.).

1. Do your research before. You need to know when gates open, where to park, and entrance costs. There also may be a FAQ page that gives you information about what to expect. Here is Marburger Farms’ website if you want to plan for this weekend.

2. Bring cash. When attending a large event with multiple vendors, the wireless doesn’t always work well and paying with credit cards may not be an option. Bring enough cash to get what you are looking for so you don’t have to worry about ATM fees. Plus using cash will help you stay on budget (when it is gone, it is gone)!

3. Plan for the weather. Check the forecasts and bring whatever you may need to stay comfortable indoors and outdoors. I would avoid umbrellas, they get in the way (wear a rain jacket or poncho instead).

4. Comfort is key. You want to dress for comfort not style. Most likely you will be doing a lot of walking, bending, and carrying – you don’t want to have to worry about blisters or unprotected feet.

5. Stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water throughout the day so you can keep going all day.

6. The day you go is important. Going on the first day or an preview event means you get access to the goodies before everyone else, BUT it usually means that vendors are going to be less inclined to haggle on prices. They have a lot of show left and don’t want to give everything away on the first day. Conversely, going on the last day may mean you miss out on some things, BUT the idea of having to pack stuff up isn’t appealing to vendors so you may be able to negotiate some really good deals.

7. NEGOTIATE! Even if you are there on day 1. Remember you can only spend the cash you have so it has to last. Ask vendors if a price is firm. If they say no, be ready to offer a lower price. Be realistic though and make sure your offer is fair (start maybe 35-40% off the listed price).

8. Bring a large enough car to get you, your friends, and all of your purchases home. You don’t want to have to leave someone or not be able to purchase something because of space.

9. Pick the right shopping partners. You want someone who can go the distance and will have a smile the whole way. If your husband isn’t into vintage or antique shopping, this is probably something you want to do with a friend who is.

10. Have fun! It is a whole day (or more) of shopping, laughing, and shopping!

We’ll be following these tips on Saturday and will report back all of our purchases and what we learned this weekend!

Happy Hunting!