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I love when a dealer takes the moment to educate the consumer on what they are admiring. I think it not only promotes a connection to the item, but the consumer gets the bigger picture of an item when they know it’s history and true function.

Enter: the coach cover. Chris Enebo always has incredible jewelry. It was no surprise, then, when admiring a pair of dainty golden globe earrings, that Chris said, “these are really incredible – let me tell you about them…”

tAB - coach covers (1)tAB - coach covers (3)

The tag reads:
“Society considered diamonds before dark to be unladylike. Diamonds could also be an advertisement to thieves. If you had to travel through unsavory neighborhoods by coach or rail the covers allowed you to do so without flaunting your wealth.”

Gas street lamps, and even lamps on the coach, would catch any glint, particularly that of a mine-cut diamond. While between home and the theater (or other destination), one would attach these incredibly fine, hinged balls to their dangle earrings, to prevent a thief from catching glimpse of fine jewels.

Though they were effective in their dampening of a jewel’s glow, I wonder if anyone ever caught on to their use? Or, took pause to think of the wealth that would have been needed to purchase these to cover the gems?


Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.