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We probably should have posted this last week, but we were so wrapped up in Marburger reminiscing! We apologize. But, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be hitting the craft stores this week for their 99% off sales, which means you can make these for a fraction of the price now, and store them until next year…where, if you’re still on the like-us bandwagon, you’ll forgotten you’ve made them until you uncover them, making it like an early-Christmas for Halloween.

Red Hen made this paper goodies a few years ago for a Fall Marburger show, and I snuck them out while we were breaking down. I only have the four, so it’s a much shorter banner than I really want, so I may make more before a year passes.

A simple silhouette really does the trick here – especially when ease, detail, and restraint are oft left behind with this holiday’s decor. The book pages were copied onto yellowed paper for instant age, and the orange and black are simple construction paper. Use your imagination when it comes to your shapes – with such stark contrast, even the smallest pumpkin vines or candy wrappers stand out.