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Growing up, my grandparents had the most beautiful ashtray stand in their formal living room. It had an ornate brass base and cut glass bowl and was about the same height as the couch. It was one of my favorite things in the house and I would play with it and daydream about white gloves, fancy parties, and pretty dresses (it was clean). I loved that piece of furniture and I had no idea what it’s original purpose was until I was much older. The one below isn’t my grandmother’s but is similar to what I remember.

Decorative ash trays used to be de rigueur and fashionable in the home. Now, smoking is, rightfully, out of fashion, and, therefore, the original use of an ashtray isn’t really necessary. But instead of dismissing the beautiful ashtrays at estate sales or throwing out your grandparents old ones, I’m here to propose new uses for the ashtray!

  • Spoon Rest
  • Garnish display
  • Drink coaster
  • Candy dish
  • Soap dish

I picked up this souvenir ashtray from the Palace Hotel in Mexico at an estate sale last month for $2 and have been using it as a pony tail holder/catchall dish on my dresser.

Ashtray1 Ashtray2 Ashtray3

Ashtrays come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. If you see one you like and the price is right, think about what it can do now and forget what it was used for in the past. However, I do recommend washing anything you purchase before using it (especially if you are putting food items in it).

Happy hunting!


P.S. Even though it is a day late, we want to thank those that have served our country and protected our freedom so that we can do the things we love. Thank you for you and your families’ sacrifices and service. God Bless!