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Occasionally, Lainey and I look at a pieces of art, furniture, clothing, makeup, etc., and have different opinions on the value, attractiveness, and use of the item. Because we are buying vintage, there is only one of an item, so only one of us incorporates it into our style.

We are honored to have been approached by the folks at Invaluable.com about using one of their rings as the focus point of a post. (Unfortunately, we will not be incorporating it into our real lives as well!) After searching through some of the thousands of rings they have (and cleaning up the drool puddles resulting from looking at gorgeous baubles), we chose this platinum green tourmaline and diamond Art Deco ring as our inspiration.

We picked this ring because it is a striking piece of jewelry, has a holiday feel, and of course, is stamped Tiffany’s (duh). One cannot deny, especially in jewelry, the draw of a label – particularly one that has withstood the test of time. (It’s an investment! An asset, even!)

We challenged ourselves to use the ring as inspiration for a tablescape, as further proof that vintage inspiration – and really exquisite jewelry – can cross the boundaries of typical categories.

Lainey chose to do a fall-themed table:

“Though I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving this year, this inspiration may find it’s way to the Red Hen’s house. To be honest, I don’t typically use much silver when decorating for autumn, so this took a bit more thought than usual. But, I do have a love for all things shiny, and found quite a few silver items that I could use, without overpowering the otherwise natural color scheme. I used “baby boo” pumpkins instead of candles atop vintage silver and crystal candlesticks; the design on my heirloom Noritake china keeps things clean and crisp. The tourmaline (an under-appreciated stone, if you ask me) led me into the garden, where I cut sprigs of rosemary for the napkins and pumpkins. Bonus – the rosemary adds a lovely, but not overwhelming, scent to the scene! My first green pumpkin purchase this September has more than paid for itself, and may have just become a must-have for my future fall decor. Green, rather than the typical orange or maroon, is a lovely understatement for this time of year.”

 Emily chose to do a “holiday” table:

“The tourmaline is the focal point of the ring and while I didn’t want to take away from that aspect, the diamonds frame the tourmaline and makes it the statement piece of the ring. I wanted to capture the sparkle of the diamond using the candles and make sure there were five on each side like the ring. I added the lotus flowers on the ends to book mark the centerpiece (debuting my Marburger purchase). In the middle, I kept my silver tray (this is the starting point for most of my table decor) and used a square green vase and some green hydrangeas to represent the center stone. I could make this table more fall-oriented by adding some additional color with the flowers or using different color candles. I’m not a florist, so to keep the flowers fairly tight, I made a scotch tape grid. I cut the squares as needed to make things fit properly, and filled in with the leaves that I took off the stems.”

We didn’t discuss our ideas before we put them together, so each table represents our individual perspectives. Having your own perspective is one of the beauties of buying antique and vintage – you get to take a piece that someone imagined one way in their home and make it yours.

Use the beauty around you (or on a really awesome auction site) to inspire you and create spaces you want to live in.

Happy hunting!

~Lainey and Emily

Disclaimer: We were not compensated in any way by Invaluable.com. The comments and opinions within are solely ours.