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Last Saturday’s post inspired by that fabulous ring really got my creative juices flowing! I have always taken the lead on creating placecards for our family gatherings, and the project has increased in size over the years. No longer am I happy with simple calligraphy and an embossed leaf stamp, now I go for gold. Or, silver, as the case may be. Following through on the theme from my tablescape, I decided to do pumpkins dipped in silver, bucking a multi-year trend of doing everything in warm golds and browns.

tAB - Thanksgiving placecards (1)

I purchased these adorable “mini boo” white pumpkins (really, slightly yellow, but I digress) and painted the bottom half silver. I’d originally considered dipping them, but worried about too-thick paint drying, so I opted to tape a line and use a foam brush instead. Two coats and 24 hours later, these puppies were ready to be detailed. I used a toothpick and dental tools (no, no dentists in my family – they were an odd Harbor Freight “I’m sure they’ll come in handy” find) to clear the crevices, and a Qtip dipped in soapy water to perfect my edges.

I needed a leaf template, and Martha came through again! (does she ever disappoint??) Silver jewelry-making wire around a pencil made for the perfect viney tendrils, and served to hold the leaves in place.

tAB - Thanksgiving placecards (7)

tAB - Thanksgiving placecards (2)I’m super pleased at how these pumpkins turned out! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see the Red Hen’s table in all it’s Thanksgiving glory (remember, she has a thing for turkeys), with these pumpkins showing people to their seats.