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We’re sorry to have to call this post in, but know that (1) we’re working really hard to get our Etsy store stocked and ready for the holidays, and (2) we have something super entertaining for you to check out….

Meet Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. She may have one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read — mostly because she’s describing the same conversations we have and situations we find ourselves in.

In fact, her post about finding absolute treasure on Craigslist not only made me snort-laugh in a public place, but also got the following reaction when forwarded to my sweet hub:


She has a wicked sense of humor, a fantastic sense of style, and a true sense of what antiques and vintage are worth a bucket of tools, 3+ hours in the cold, and a very “over it” husband….(read about that bit here)

Enjoy! And thanks for the day off.