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The holiday season is officially kicking off tomorrow with, for many, a “feast of thanks giving.” I think it is appropriate that the holidays start off with us giving thanks for all of our many blessings. As we get bogged down in finding the right outfit for the party, shopping for all of the perfect gifts, and figuring out how to fit it all in, taking the time to reflect on of the joy in our lives is important. We are lucky that we have friends who want to share this season with us, family who loves us, and the means to be there for it all. There’s a lot to be thankful for and I’d be wise to take a moment to remember that, when I get stressed out over the holidays (starting today with all of the pre-cooking that is required).

In case, you need some last minute decorating ideas (hey we get it, some times life gets in the way) here are some quick and easy decor tips:

  • Use what you have in your house: pitchers, trays, compotes, or tureens make great bases for a floral centerpiece.


  • Hydrangeas are a quick arranging flower and you don’t need very many.


  • You can also find potted mums at the grocery store right now. Put one on a silver tray in the center of your table and accent with candles. Or take an empty decanter, a couple of sprigs of berries (find them at craft stores like Hobby Lobby), and wine corks – you could also use colored leaves from the yard instead of the berries.

fall centerpiece (1)

Throughout today and some on Thanksgiving, we’ll be posting pictures to Facebook some of the things we are most thankful for. You’ll also get to see Lainey’s final table decorations, silver “dipped” pumpkins in all their glory!

We also want to take a moment and thank all of you out there who read our blog. Lainey and I have so much fun putting our thoughts and ideas out there and we are so lucky to have all of your support. We are so grateful for you and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here’s to stretch-y pants and post-turkey naps!

~Emily and Lainey