We’re no strangers to New Year’s resolutions – or the guilt that comes around March (and again in December) when those resolutions have fallen by the wayside. So, instead of resolutions, the Attic Birds will let you in on some New Year plans, focused on bettering the Attic Birds reader, follower, and shopper experience!

We’re on Instagram! You may have noticed posts via our Facebook page, and we’ll be offering more vintage glimpses throughout the year. Ever wonder how to really integrate vintage into your fully modern world? We’ll post every time we see it done successfully.


We’re also on Pinterest! Did you know that pinners have been pinning some of our DIY and integrative posts? We’re thrilled! Our Pinterest has links to our favorite past DIY projects, as well as potential future projects, vintage inspiration, and all things Pinteresting.

We’re giving this blog a facelift and a new domain! We’re already working on what we want our site to look and function like – but it’s not too late to add your input. Is there a feature you wish we had, or a functionality you think would be helpful? Comment below or contact us! We want this to be just as great for you as it is for us.

We’re expanding to be more of a lifestyle blog. What does that really mean? That we’ll have a little bit wider scope of posts – including more DIY and home-related things that we’re doing and think you’d like. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop with the estate sale-ing and the education. This is just a way for us to be more honest about where we are in our lives – which sometimes means a Saturday is full of crockpot-ing and crafting rather than hunting for vintage. (But don’t worry, we’re always on the hunt for vintage.)

We’re still doing a lot of the same things, too. We’ll still be blogging bi-weekly, offering personal shopping services, selling on Etsy, and tracking our estate sale adventures.



Emily in Bonnett

Cheers to the year ahead!

~Lainey & Emily