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One of the things I love the most about doing this blog is the family affair that it has become.  My mom and aunts send me pictures all the time of their estate sale finds (they even shop for us!) or in a recent case, they send me pictures of interesting finds during their travels.  Before the holidays I got an email from my Aunt Molly (she is an occasional commentator on the blog) about Victor Hugo’s apartment on Place des Vosges (that’s in Paris, France). Apparently, Victor Hugo liked to buy furniture at flea markets and then design them into new pieces. Not quite the complete DIY’er, he’d have cabinet makers put the pieces together and add carvings (sometimes he did his own carvings) to turn them into new pieces.

Here are some photos from Masions Victor Hugo website.

If you look at the piece on the left, you can see the different pieces easily. The top is sitting on top of a table on a chest. He’d often search for old chests with Juliette (his mistress) or his sons and bring them back to be dismantled and reassembled into new pieces.

dining room

In his bedroom, he had a desk put on top of a table so he would be able to do his writing standing up. It looks like his bed was a compilation of different furniture, maybe the canopy is an old door or dining room table?bedroomWhile Victor Hugo’s tastes were way more Gothic than mine, the furniture he created is beautiful and unique to him and his tastes. Hugo was “upcycling” and “junking” waay before that was even a thing and it probably would have made for a really interesting HGTV show!

For more information about the Place de Vosges apartment, click here.

Happy hunting and creating!