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We’ve mentioned M’Antiques before, and a recent trip to their den (trust me, when you go, you’ll feel the den-ness) was no disappointment. I came across this awesome Dorothy Thorpe style set of glasses and ashtrays.

tAB barware

If this was used for a group of men, it would be referred to (or sold as) a poker set. If for a group of women, it would be a bridge set. I was able to put aside my ruffled feathers (feminism! equality!) and think about how clever a designer was to put together such a set! If you think about it, the 1950s and 60s woman wanted everything to match and belong – including her (or her husband’s pesky) card game accouterments. Enter this handy set, including carrier, and voila!

We’ll go ahead and add this to the list of super cool, slightly sexist (in name alone), things I wish I’d come up with vintage barware.