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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is the value of what is used to display said picture? If I go buy a frame at Hobby Lobby (when they are 50% off of course), it’ll cost me $5-$10 depending on how fancy I get, but it will mean very little to me. One day, it will probably end up in the garage sale pile. Same with posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram, those websites mean something to me right now since my friends and family participate on them, but I don’t value the website the same way I value the photo I am posting. The memory and the love is in the photograph.

But there is one place, where the photographs and the items used to display them, can have the same value, hold similar memories as the photo, and in some cases mean more than what it is displaying.  I’m talking about refrigerator magnets.

Recently I blogged about an awesome trip Ryan and I took to Fredericksburg, while there we visited, toured, and tasted at Pedernales Brewing Company. When you do a tour there, you get wooden nickels as drink tokens . They also give out tokens during the tour for correct answers to beer trivia. Anyways, this tour being at the end of a long day, me not being a big beer drinker, and Ryan knowing a lot of beer trivia, meant that we had 5 tokens left when I was ready to go. Ryan wanted to take them back with him as souvenirs, but I grabbed them out of his hand and said I had a different idea.

Full set front

My idea? Add a magnet to the back so they could be displayed and functional. My plan was to surprise him with these for Valentine’s Day, but we needed a post for this weekend, so he is getting them a little early (maybe)!

The process to turning these into magnets is easy. I found magnets with adhesive on the back at Wal-mart. You can also get magnets at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc and if they don’t come with adhesive just hot glue them on! Easy peasy!

Back I decided to personalize these and got a thin sharpie and wrote secret notes on the back. Stuff like, “Emily & Ryan” and “December 2014” and other sweet messages. I choose the back because my handwriting isn’t that great and I wanted it to be just between us (and now between us and our readers). Remember this was supposed to be a Valentine’s gift so I had to get a little lovey-dovey.


Lainey and her Hubby, bring back a magnet from every place they visit. Their fridge is a compilation of their travels together.

I really like how these new magnets turned out and think they look great holding up some wonderful memories!


We put invitations, baby announcements, kids artwork, etc on the fridge and it is a snapshot of what is happening in our lives at this moment. The magnets can be a way we intertwine the now with our past.

One day soon (fingers crossed) Ryan and I will share a fridge, and a lot of the random magnets we’ve picked up along the way separately will go in the garage sale box. Magnets like these wooden nickels will be the ones we keep because they are part of our story.