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Staffordshire is like the little black dress of figurines — they’re reliable, can add drama if necessary, and are always in style. I picked up this Staffordshire* at an estate sale a while ago — Emily has the sister in her home (awww).

tAB Staffordshire dog (1) tAB Staffordshire dog (2)

On a recent stroll through Anthropologie, I spotted (pun intended) these wonderful staplers:

What a great throwback to Staffordshire style! These pups were well-scaled and impressively similar to our dalmatians. Anthropologie often has vintage-style or vintage-inspired items, and these can certainly be added to their list of “things well done”.

Imagine a day at your desk, where everything is going so, so right, and your securing of a few pages will punctuate an already perfect day. Pet your desk dog and whamo! stapled!

If you’re in a corporate environment, I would recommend you pick one of these staplers up post haste – it’s almost certain your desk could use the boost. All others, carefully consider this precious pup as an addition to your desk-scape.


*I’m still learning how to distinguish between real and fake Staffordshire. I can affirm that these dogs are in the style of but not verified real. Just sayin.