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Valentine’s day is a polarizing holiday. You either love it and take the opportunity to tell the important people in your life how you feel about them. Or you hate it and believe it is a made up holiday by the greeting card company.  If you are in the latter group, you probably want to skip the rest of this post. But if you are in the former group and needing some inspiration for your valentine, we’re here to help.

Both Lainey and I are big proponents of making homemade cards. They are more personal and the cost of a greeting card is a ridiculous waste of money (that may be one of my reasons). When holidays come around, I start looking online for card inspiration. Here are a couple of vintage valentines that you could print to make a card or do a modern take on them.

You can get blank cards at Hobby Lobby and I suggest looking at the scrap booking aisle for 3-d stickers (glitter ones are always fun) that could jazz up your card.

Option 1: Pop a bag of popcorn and use some of the kernels to glue on the front of a blank card. If you are confident in your drawing skills, draw a bowl and glue the popcorn on top. On the outside “I’m gonna pop a corny question…” and then on the inside “will you be my Valentine?” Bonus on this idea, you also get a snack!!


Option 2: Again one version is to print this image out and use it on the front of a blank card. Or print on cardstock, cut out the shape, and write your message on the back.  Or version 2, take a plastic fork (you could spray paint it red or gold for extra flair) and write on the front “if you wanta be mine” and on the inside “fork over your heart.”

My great-aunt and uncle kept every card they every gave each other. When we were cleaning out their house, looking through their cards showed us a different side of them. They had sweet nicknames for each other and you could really see how much they loved each other.

I hope you all have a Valentine’s Day that is filled with love and happiness!