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This post has taken me far too long to write. (I’m sorry, Roadrunner.) , thankfully this it’s one of those posts where the pictures do the majority of the talking.

Up until recently, Roadrunner has had this really incredible house in Colorado.  Purchased as a foreclosure, there were unexplained interesting characteristics – like air ducts that didn’t go anywhere, keys broken into every door handle, and what appeared to be ink stains on the floors. Turns out the previous owner was printing money in the basement!

I posted a while ago that the Roadrunner is a mid-century modern guru, and is singularly responsible for all of my mid century modern knowledge. If it’s swedish, streamline, or stainless steel, Roadrunner has his fingers all over it.

So, it was no surprise when we visited to see his basement turned into more of an MCM showroom then the typical pile of boxes and other things left behind.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Don’t be surprised if you see something the second or third time that you didn’t see at first. Roadrunner is a master of the “un-cluttered yet full” approach to decorating and display. And, take a moment to appreciate how he artfully rendered a mountainscape in the window-well, allowing you to forget your subterranean location.

Some notable pieces:
-first row – the black sofa is a Kagan lookalike; coffee table is Lane
-the phones (top to bottom): Sculptura, Bell, Ericofon (repro), Alexander Graham plane
-the credenza in the same room may be American but it’s style is totally Danish; that’s a 1904 GE fan; another table with a Burke base; and that flower “art” is actually an Aztec wall heater!
-the table between the matching chairs (with complementary fabric) has a Burke base; and the pole lamp – one of my favs! – is surprisingly a no name!
-in the last row – blue chair is a Frem Rojle; table lamp is Gerald Thurston for Lightoiler; and floor lamp is possibly a Gerrit Rietveld
I’ve never had a basement, and don’t know that one in Texas would serve much purpose.  However, for those of you with dark corners yet unknown, perhaps a trip down MCM lane would help you better purpose your space.