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Emily and I LOVE the hunt. It’s adventurous, it’s exciting, and it’s totally satisfying when we’ve found what we’re hunting for. Our sweet friend Kinome recently opened her own salon (shameless plug: Sweet Hair Space will rock your follicles), and was searching for unique decor. She asked if we’d be able to create a collection of interesting vintage scissors that she could turn into a display. Challenge: accepted.

A few auctions, estate sales, and flea markets later, we had more than she’d originally asked for, but remained under budget. Rather than thin the selection for her, we loaded Kinome up with an array of sharps, and she liked them all!

They’re not on display as of yet – a collection this well curated deserves a custom mount (!!) – but as soon as they are, we’ll show you the final product.

If you’re ever in the market for something particular, and you just can’t seem to find it – or the time – yourself, let us know! Put the Attic Birds to work for you!