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Pinterest is my time sucking kryptonite. I waste so much time pinning recipes I’ll never make, clothes I’ll never buy, and ideas for projects that will likely not happen.  However, sometimes Pintrest comes through and I find the next hit recipe, inspiration for an outfit from things I already own, or a great project that actually works! I got lucky around Christmas and was able to make these marbled note cards for some of the women in my family.

blue marble card Purple marble cards pink marbled card

The process for these cards is fairly easy. You need blank cards, several bottles of nail polish, plastic containers, toothpicks, water, rubber gloves (it gets messy), and a little patience.

I didn’t take pictures of the process, but you can find a similar tutorial with photos here.

Fill your container with warm-ish water. You will most likely need to test out a few batches to find the right temp.  If the water is too warm or cold, the nail polish clumps up and won’t swirl properly.

Pour a couple of drops of nail polish in several colors and swirl with a toothpick.  If the paint sticks to the toothpick and won’t swirl, you’ve got the water temp wrong. I’d cut your losses and toss this batch out.

When you are satisfied with the swirl design, stick your card  into the water. You just need the top to hit the water…don’t submerge the whole thing. Wait a few seconds and carefully pull the paper up (so the water drips down). You may have some bubbles or some paint that didn’t stick properly – use a clean toothpick to smooth everything out.

Set the card somewhere safe to dry and start the process over! I let the cards dry over night, paired them with coordinating envelopes, and used a large jewelry gift box to “package” them (sorry ladies if you were hoping for a necklace when you saw the box).

Be careful about the nail polish sticking to your sink! I wasn’t careful to wash off any wet polish and now I have a multi-colored sink (I hear some elbow grease and nail polish remover will do the trick).

This project would be a great rainy day project with the kids, something easy to do for a house warming gift, or a way to give yourself unique cards to send.

Have fun “marbling”!