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As I walk through estate sales, looking through someone’s life, I often wonder what people will say/think when they walk through mine (kind of morbid, I know). Usually I have these thoughts when I come across something that makes me shake my head and ask “What the heck*?” We call these moments “estate sale gold” – these are things that make estate sale-ing more interesting and fun!

*not the word I generally use but this is a PG-ish blog

I was saleing with my mom a few months ago and we came across these gems. Large clutches and purses made from carpet remnants. These carpet bags weren’t made from beautiful rugs, they were made from the berber-like carpet that you get from Lowe’s. And there were several of them!

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Maybe I’m crazy and these are some special designer that I don’t know about or have a special story to go with them. All I know is that one would be taking a major fashion risk (not in a good way) with these purses! I wonder if anyone bought them?

I know I shouldn’t judge, but take solace in the fact that some day someone will walk through my house, shake their head, and wonder “what was she thinking, did she really wear/use that?”