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I observed some … insteresting … vintage kitchens while house-hunting here, but never did I see such an excellent specimen as this! Red Hen forwarded me this story, noting that she had friends who had kitchens just like this growing up. The notion of the kitchen being the “woman’s domain” has never rung as true as when everything in it is such a sweet pink.

Though the dishwasher is certainly a spectacle in and of itself,


it’s the seemingly endless number of buttons on the stovetop that get me!

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-12 time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-13

Here’s the rest of this picture perfect kitchen timecapsule of 1956:


Don’t you wonder how a house goes totally untouched for 60 years? And, if the kitchen was this pristine, what about the rest of the house?! Wild to think that this was next door to someone who didn’t know what kind of gems lie just beyond the brick…

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