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Well, friends, we’ve managed to do it again! The powers that be in the magical world of Marburger have invited us to the Spring show! Words cannot accurately describe how excited we are! Emily was thrown into the flames at the last show – her inaugural experience, so I really look forward to how she absorbs it this second go ’round. Me? I may be a Marburger vet, but this will be my first time as a settled home-owner, which may mean big trouble for my bank account. And, let’s be honest, every trip to Marburger brings new experiences, better antiques, and an even whetter appetite for more!

Have you made your plans for Marburger? (photo source)


What kinds of things are you interested to see? As always, we’ll be on the lookout for new home decor trends and other hot items. (We’re also hoping to see that Silver Fox again.)

If you’ll be visiting Antique Week and/or Marburger Farm for the first time, check out MF’s own antiquing guru, Tara Suel’s tips and tricks here on their blog.

See you at Marburger Farm!



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