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I love making to do lists! I think it is the thrill of being able to cross things off that makes me want to always have a list or two going. Right now, I have a long list of projects that I am currently, slowly working off my list (hello, dissertation) and so when I get a chance to cross something off I grab it! My latest project to get crossed off the list is turning this old flour sifter into a beautiful flower pot for Spring! This project was so easy, I’m questioning why it took me so long to do this (we’ve had the sifter for 2 years).

20150320_164033 20150320_164049

All you need for this project is a couple of coffee filters (can be used), potting soil, your flower of choice, and the sifter.


First, I place the coffee filter into the middle of the sifter. The coffee filter keeps the soil in the canister (since the bottom has a bunch of holes) but allows for water to seep through. I had to push the wire “sifters” together so that the filter would lay flat.


Once your filter is in place, put a little layer of soil on the bottom, place your flowers in, and fill in with extra soil if necessary. That’s it! You get a really cute potted flower with minimal effort (keeping it alive may be more of the challenge for me). This project would work with succulents or other indoor flowers. My local Lowe’s did not have much of indoor plant selection right now so I am hoping that these violets do okay since I don’t get much natural light into the house.

20150320_164324 20150320_164324


If only my other spring projects were this easy (hello, spring cleaning!)!!