I’ve always dreamt of having a beautiful rose garden.  I’ll likely never live in the English countryside, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a well manicured and very happy garden.

As you know, My Old House came with a truly incredible garden. It yielded enough pickles to sustain us through the winter, and figs that promise abundant preserves, among other things. Roses were also part of the deal. Up against our garage in the back, two lovely yellow rose bushes made their presence known early on. However, a lack of trellis or other training method left them leggy and looking for support.

Ingenuity and some elbow grease later, my roses are now supremely happy with supported stems allowing beautiful blooms! The trellised space also fills the void across the wall of the garage. The project was rather simple, and certainly easily replicated.

tAB - Heirloom Roses (1)

Measurements, eye hooks (I used the smallest I could find), garden twine, and wooden or metal trellises is all you need. I chose a straightforward diamond grid, but those with more creativity and success in implementation could likely come up with a much more intricate design.

As each new branch comes up and splits, I gently feed them under the twine, sometimes re-tucking daily  over two weeks before they stop escaping. I always make sure that any ties I make are loose, so as not to damage the plant. Hopefully my only problem this year will be an abundance of blooms and not enough places to put them!