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As expected, Marburger was CHOCK full of incredible things. We noticed a few trends well represented throughout the show, and despite their similarity, each dealer had their own voice.

We saw a lot of natural textures — more than just flowers. Some dealers had raw cotton entwined in their displays (hard to photograph, but super cool to see), others moss, air plants, and dried flowers to tie in an earthy vibe. My favorite (who would have guessed?) were the nests we saw under glass domes – add that to the list of things I wished I’d purchased but didn’t. As I look around my house, I see things I can add a little nature to, and I’ll certainly be on-trend soon.

Barware was also well represented. I remember shows where every booth had glassware, but this show’s pieces were almost sparing, in a curated way. Ornate decanters, tantalus (tantali?), and cocktail sets were more unusual and interesting than before. (And yes, I know that the sterling giraffe cup isn’t barware, but I love it, and you can drink from it. So there.)

Champagne buckets were plentiful and a nice addition to the “things I can repurpose” category. Though small glass will always be a staple in the antique world, these buckets are a welcomed upgrade to the pails and urns we’re used to seeing. I’m certain that a vintage champers bucket has already made it to the “indispensable” list.

And then there’s the “everything else we wanted” category of things that were just cool! From typesetting to napkin rings, jewelry to trophies, sunburst mirrors to always-classic ironstone, and everything in between — here’s a smattering of some of the gems we saw!


In photo order, many thanks to these dealers:
Natural textures: JBS Mercantile, Lavender Road Antiques, Two Vagabonds Vintage
Barware: Lavender Road Antiques, Acanthus Studios, Alan Hoops & Steve Thompson
Champagne buckets: Pijnappels, Lavender Road Antiques
Etcetera: Commandant’s Cottage Books & Antiques, J Nash, Berry & Co, Collectors Corner, Two Vagabonds Vintage, Allen Lowman, Pijnappels, William Holcomb

Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.