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We posted the overview last week – but would like to take a closer look at some of the barware we saw, as well as some untraditional things we think might make for interesting bar pieces!

First up is this set of glasses. At first it was just “The Executive” that caught our eye — the perfect glass for your office bar! As we turned the glass, our appreciation for for them escalated quickly. Our favorite pour line? A tie between “How do I get egg salad off my sales report” and “My wife is allergic to mink”.

tAB - MF barware (4)

tAB - MF barware (6) tAB - MF barware (5) tAB - Marburger - Barware (10)

Next up is this wall-hanging or free standing bar. Think about the limited space so many of us started in once we started in the real world. And, think about how futuristic this would have looked in Rock Hudson’s Pillow Talk bachelor pad!

Finally, we saw these fantastic jars — perhaps from a chemist’s lab? Thought it is likely unsafe to wash and refill these, how cool would they look on your bar? The phrase “pick your poison” has all new meaning!


In photo order, many thanks to these dealers: Acanthus Studios, William Holcomb

Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.