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While Emily is making me jealous with her texts and pics of incredible hats, outfits, mint juleps, and sunny days, I’m inspired to surf the interwebs for the best of Derbys gone by.

A sterling mint julep cup is a Derby staple. Monogrammed, beaded, or classical and plain, there’s a style for every jockey.

If sterling is out of your purse range, think about stainless or silver plate. All the shine for a fraction of the cost. Purists may argue that the cocktail will taste different, but I’m but convinced.

Trophies and ribbons abound, and we’ve told you before that they make for great decor.

If a souvenir is what you need, choose a glass that can be used year round to remind you of the smell of churned up dirt and southern charm.

Happy Derby Days!


Sterling: one, two, three, four, five
Silverplate: one, two
Trophies: one, two, three, four
Ribbons: one, two, three, four, five, six
Glass: one, two, three, four