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I’ve tried to begin this post 25+ different ways and the right words are failing me…so I am not going to try and be poetic or clever and am going to just write from my heart.

The end of an era happened this weekend as my parents moved away from their home of almost 20 years and started a new life thousands of miles away in Norfolk, VA. Movers came and packed up not just the 20 years of the house, but the life that my parents have made up to this point. The hand mixer they received as a wedding present 35 years ago, the Dallas newspaper from the day I was born, the pictures, the mementos, and the memories were wrapped, packed, and loaded on to an 18-wheeler that was too big for the driveway (and they filled that thing to the brim)!

2I watched in awe as my mom, one of the strongest and most courageous women I know, orchestrated and supervised the whole thing. She hydrated and fed the movers, made sure that things were down correctly, and thwarted my attempts to bribe the movers to leave a couple of things off the truck. All while maintaining an upbeat outlook on the adventure that was awaiting – she did it all with grace.


Now she has the immense chore of unpacking and putting away those things in her amazing new home.



If it gets too overwhelming, she can relax on her porch with this view.


I’m really proud of my parents. They have proven time and time again that you can make dreams a reality with a little effort. The farmhouse in Waco was a dream turned reality. The new opportunity at Old Dominion was the realization of hard work and dedication to a goal and a dream. The folks in Norfolk don’t know the gems they’ve just inherited – I can’t wait to see the mark that is left by the Tanners!

While it is the end of an era for the old farmhouse, there is new beginning happening there too. A new family will be created and will move in as it will be the first house that Ryan and I share. I feel so lucky that we get to start our life together in a place that holds so much love!