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While sand and seashells are my favorite mementos from every body of water I visit, I do appreciate quality souvenirs. When we first discussed going to Hawaii, I immediately had a daydream filled with hula dancing and music by Iz.

Emily and I stumbled into a great little vintage shop while enjoying an absurdly delicious macadamia nut covered and coconut iced cinnamon buns, and I literally saw the woman of my dreams:

tAB - Hawaiian Souvenirs (1) tAB - Hawaiian Souvenirs (2)

Have you ever seen such a happy hula girl??

And, should you feel left out of this current equation, I’ve got a little something for ya:

tAB - Hawaiian Souvenirs (3)

There’s a strong argument to be maid for keeping the Aloha alive with a dashboard hula person – but it wasn’t strong enough.

The most common souvenirs we saw – both vintage and new – were war-related (think Rosie the Riveter), Japanese glass fishing floats, and airline paraphernalia.

 tAB - Hawaiian Souvenirs (5)tAB - Hawaiian Souvenirs (4)

The only things I brought back were organic in nature — seashells, sand, coffee, and chocolate. Though the latter didn’t make it long, the seashells, sand, and – most importantly – memories will last forever.