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While driving hither and yon to hike this or swim that, there was significant time spent in the car. Though Top 40 stations and even country music were available to our ears, we chose to listen to local public radio and, when too much news was interrupting our blue skies high, we switched over to the Hawaiian music channels. Now that we’re back, sweet hubs have used the magic of the internet to find those same channels and listen to them! The soothing tones of lilting ukeleles provide a relaxing atmosphere so effective that I’ve more than once missed a yoga class or taken an unanticipated nap!

Emily and I found sheet music from years gone by — they’d look great framed closed or parted and open, and would be the perfect gift for anyone on your souvenir list.

And, if you’re not as into Hawaiian music as we now are, perhaps a little Iz or Bing Crosby’s yule-time “Mele Kalikimaka” will do just fine.