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This past week I helped Ryan move into what will be our first home as newlyweds (sooooo exciting!!!).  As we prepared for the first of what will be 3 moves for us in the upcoming year, we have the daunting task of figuring out how we are going to merge our lives together. In theory, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal. In reality, when you look at the amount of stuff each of us has collected over the past several years…this is a HUGE undertaking. Plus add in the differences of taste (his design style is complete dude – alcohol and sports themed, mine is more traditional) and now we are dealing with emotions.

After many discussions of what will stay and what will go (and we aren’t done with these), we’ve begun to discover how we want to portray ourselves as a married couple. Through these “chats,” we’ve realized that one way to make things a little easier is to start focusing on what is ours. The pictures, items we’ve picked up on our travels, and projects we’ve worked on together.

This past weekend we turned my old buffet (remember her here and here?) into our new entertainment center.

20150706_231629 The project itself was pretty easy. We only had to put holes in the back in order for the cords to be able to come through. This was my first time using a jig-saw and Ryan was a little rusty (other tools would have probably been better) and so the holes got progressively better (sort of).

20150705_134645 20150705_134655 20150705_134713

Because of the shelves, this piece ended up working great for all of the game systems and the receiver that we (see what I did there) have to store. And there are 2 drawers for controllers or what-not. CeCe found a comfortable space to evade the evil dogs she now has to deal with (at least until the speakers are set up).

20150706_212836 20150706_231648


When the TV isn’t being used, we can close the doors and be done with it all! With the TV (his) and my old buffet (mine)…we now have a really awesome entertainment center (ours)! I think this is a big first step in the major merger!!

Next big decision for this gorgeous piece, is to paint or not to paint? I’m thinking a dark navy with gold hardware…what says you?