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Last Wednesday, I tore Kinome’s kitchen apart, honoring our now second annual Great Pickling. We used the same recipes – doubling the bread and butter, thanks to their deliciousness and my ample cucumber harvest.

While waiting for the Great Pickle Crop, I found myself wishing for instant gratification pickles. I found this recipe for refrigerator bread & butters – and, honestly, they’re just as good as the ones we usually make! The downside to refrigerator pickles is that you have to eat what you make within about 2 weeks. Great Pickling lets you store indefinitely — or, at least a year – like Kinome and I both did – finally breaking into our last jars from 2014 while pickling this year!

If you find yourself in a pickle, and don’t have time for the sterilizing and two-week mandatory waiting period, here’s a recipe to sate your craving. Her fancy wavy knife takes pickling to the next level – this one is on my gift wish list!