Re-reading Saturday’s post, I feel an edit is in order. Rather than just quietly change things, I feel attention should be drawn to the edit I’m proposing.

While I believe it’s important to have fun with your selling dialogue, I never think it’s ok to lie. You can talk up the life and meaning of your “vintage” Ikea…but you should never embellish or create a history for an item that you don’t have personal experience with. If you purchased an item with a backstory that isn’t yours, and you choose to repeat it to it’s future owners, be clear that you heard it was George Washington’s axe, not that you know or claim it is.

This distinction is also important when it comes to worth. You can think / feel / believe that an item is worth thousands – but if you’re putting an arbitrary value on something you haven’t researched, you’re pricing not appraising. A diamond ring that’s been in your family for generations might have the emotional value of millions, a half carat mine cut has market limitations.

Enjoy creating a narrative for that old straw broom, but don’t market it to be a Salem witch trial remnant.