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So I’ve have this old trunk sitting in my garage for a couple of years that I have plans to reline and use for storage, but hadn’t done anything because I couldn’t open it (more on that story later). But I finally opened it and got some really nice surprises!


First, the interior is in good condition so there is little work there (future blog post)!

Second, there were some really cool vintage fabrics in the removable compartment. These fabrics are in pretty good condition just a little musty smelling from being in a trunk for many years. Nothing that a little gentle cleaning couldn’t take care of!

The cotton fabrics I washed in the washing machine in cold water, gentle cycle. I went ahead an tumbled dry on the lowest setting (this was a risky move).


I was a little worried about how these 2 pieces would fare in the washing machine so I washed them by hand and hung them to dry.


When washing vintage fabrics, it is best to either wash on the gentle/delicate cycle of your washing machine or by hand in the bath tub. We’d also suggest using Dreft or another mild detergent. Older fabrics are not necessarily able to withstand the harshness of normal wash cycles and the chemicals in the detergents like modern fabric can.

I’m not sure what I am going to do with the fabric yet! The green fabric are old curtains and the gray and yellow fabric are long strips with some hemmed edges. There are also a couple of small pillow cases in this really cool camping themed fabric that I want to fill.

20150804_223412 20150804_223358 20150804_223346

These condition of the trunk and the fabric were amazing finds in and of themselves, but there was more! I also found a bunch of my great-aunt’s dresses and old bathing suits. More on these when I can get them in better condition!


Any ideas on potential projects that I can use the fabric?