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In an effort to be green (or, at least as green as we can be), sweet hubs and I started collecting our ac condensate in buckets, and used the water on our once-thriving garden. The cucumbers, tomatoes, and some herbs and flowers have mostly withstood the scorching Texas heat (our grass, not so lucky) thanks to this recycling effort.Canton (5)

When in Canton a few weeks ago, this metal behemoth spoke to us both in a way we weren’t expecting, saying “Hellooooooo! Water trough? I’m PERFECT!” And so, our once bucket laden porch now has this re-purposed “water feature.”


While we’re still using buckets and watering cans to carry the water to and fro, the goal is to add a hose to the connector (another bonus) at the bottom and back of the trough, and either use a soaker hose system or just a long hose with a sprayer. I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, the melodious and soothing tones of dripping water greet me each time I go outside.