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While preparing for sweet hubs’ birthday, I was stressing over how to make Bingo! cards manually. Not that cutting paper is difficult, but scattering the words in a way to ensure no two cards was the same was providing significant duress. Thanks to our friends G&P (Google and Pinterest), I came across this site that makes Bingo card making easy!

Bingo - Zoe Amaris

Bingo is one of those great games that is good for just about any age, and can cover just about any topic. From educational to politics, simple numbers to celebrations, Bingo! has withstood the test of time.

Bingo - two vagabonds vintage

Bingo is rumored to have started in Italy in the mid-1500s as a form of lottery. Through many countries and permutations, Bingo, as we know it in America, took it’s current day (numbered) form in post-Great Depression county fairs. A name change (supposedly from an over-excited winner) from Beano to Bingo helped finish the game’s transition into the mainstream.

Bingo - Zoe Amaris 2

Whether you dauber or chip, or play at the parish hall or a friend’s dinner table, a cry of “Bingo!” has become synonymous with beating the odds, both in the game and in life.


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