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I spent most of the weekend “cocoon-ing” (aka watching TV on the couch), but wanted to get out for a bit and decided to peruse the local Hobby Lobby. I’m redoing the inside of an old trunk and wanted to see what wrapping paper they had that might work for a new liner (they didn’t have anything good). Instead of finding some paper for that project, I came across some fall silk flowers that I thought were kind of cool and was inspired to do a fall themed centerpiece for my dining room table.


I bought one stem of the orange, gold, and bronze flowers and decided to use some of the empty wine bottles I have been waiting to recycle (or maybe saving for wine bottle crafts).

I had some left over white laquer spray paint from my fabulous lamp project a while back and thought that the bottles would look really cool painted white. So I cleaned off the labels using hot soapy water and Windex (the longer they soak the better) and made sure all of the adhesive was gone.


Once the bottles were dry, I sprayed 2 light coats of the paint. You want to do light coats in order to avoid drips (I may have had to replace one bottle due to drippage). I left the bottles in the garage over night to dry.

On Sunday, I cut the stems to varying heights and place one in each “vase”. I then grabbed my lotus candle holders and switched out the usual cream candles for some dark orange-brown ones to tie in some more color.

Voila! A couple of easy steps and I have a new centerpiece for fall!

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I like having the wine bottles be plain white because it means I can use them in other seasons or incorporate them into holiday tablescapes too! When not in use on the dining room table, they can add some height to a mantle collection or behind some picture frames on a side table.

Don’t you love the easy, almost-immediately gratifying projects!