Marburger Fall 2015 did not disappoint. I’m telling you – you have to get out there! The show was filled of things from the French countryside, the Far East, junkyards, backyards, and attics across America. There was a strong bohemian chic vibe – one that my Country Living-obsessed self would love to integrate into my decor.

Surprise of all surprises, I left Marburger with nary a purchase for my home or my person! Perhaps it was because I found myself drawn to the specialty booths this Fall – ones that I typically shy away from because they’re out of my price range. The lure of the sparkle and the brand was too strong to resist this go ’round, and I left a more informed shopper and with a more robust wishlist (sorry, sweet hubs!).

Let’s start with the sparkles — it’s a very good place to start! Chris (of Chris Enebo Antique Jewelry) took the time to teach me about several pieces of jewelry she had. Though I didn’t come home with one (drat!), I did leave with a greater appreciation for antique jewelry and, more importantly, dealers who live what they do and want to tell others about it. Her jewelry will actually span multiple posts, because it was all too great to smush into one!

AEI jewelry is new to me – but is longstanding in it’s tradition and meaning. Amity Eternity Infinity — things you share with the one you love. Jewelry with these initials dates to late Georgian / early Victorian era. The locket and cross are enamel on 18kt and the heart is rock crystal.

This flower ring is a newer piece – from the 1960s – and wicked cool. Not only are the diamond and sapphires mounted on springs, but the flower opens and closes. Was it used as a signal for mood? Did the wearer of this ring spend time perfecting the perfect stamen-wiggle? We may never know – but this enamel encrusted ring will certainly be the life of parties to come.

Stay tuned for more jewelry and more fantastic Marburger finds over the next few weeks!


Many thanks to Chris Enebo Antique Jewelry for her time and knowledge! She doesn’t have a website, but you can find her twice a year at Marburger Farm, as well as other shows around the country (thank you, google).

Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.