Vintage Barware (MF Fall 2015)


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Yes! Barware again! If you haven’t learned this about us yet, let us be frank: good vintage barware is hard to come by. It’s high demand, too many people mistreated it in dishwashers along the way, and sets were broken by house guests who were over-served.

So, whenever there’s good barware, we buy it — whether to keep, to stock for sale, or to give as gifts. Though providing instructions for something like glassware seems overbearing and unnecessary, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reminding purchasers or gift recipients that the secret to keeping vintage barware in this like-new condition is to (1) not dishwash, (2) not soak, and (3) clean immediately after use. Don’t get me wrong — you can enjoy your party and not helicopter betwixt the punchbowl and sink – but dark colors can stain glass and ceramic, so better to do a quick rinse before you call it a night. Another perk of vintage barware is that a short set or mix and match is practically expected – so don’t fret if someone drops a cup or you wash the gold leaf off.

Seeing Pink Elephants never disappoints — this is the second time we’ve talked about her presence at Marburger! Kris always has a great selection of fun and kitchy barware – like these mid-century Benihana mugs (with straws through the belly!) and the ferris wheel bars.

My favorite this show was this “name your poison” set — great for Halloween or year round!

tAB - Vintage Barware MF Fall 2015 (3)


Thank you Seeing Pink Elephants!

Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.

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