My apologies for missing Wednesday’s blog! I told Lainey that I’d take care of it and then completely forgot. In my defense, I was lost in a sea of boxes and bubble wrap from the move to Waco. I might have been a little exhausted from unpacking the 26′ Uhaul that I filled to the brim.

truck driving

The exciting news is that my fiancé and my stuff are finally located in 1 house! No more 6+ hour drives to see each other or trying to find ways to be romantic over the phone! We are one step closer to being a normal couple (a status I doubt we ever completely reach).

Lainey and I have had so much to be thankful for this year! We’ve got amazing family and framily – they have no expectations and take us as we are. No explanations needed, no apologies.

We are so fortunate to get the opportunity to spend the holiday with the people we love the most! We celebrated with almost my whole family (missed you Ted & Coach; Holly & Elizabeth) at Ryan’s parents house.  I cannot wait to do it again at Christmas!


Lainey and her whole family celebrated in College Station. She got to spend some quality time with her adorable niece and pie-out on every kind of pie imaginable! Also, the decor looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting!


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