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Right before Thanksgiving break, I loaded up a 26′ UHaul and moved my stuff from Stillwater to Waco to begin what might be described as the “Big Merge of 2015!” Finally, after almost 3 years, Ryan and I are living in the same state and we are now occupying the same space.

Merging my things into a space that had been only his for 6 months was a difficult transition for both of us. I wanted to make this house my version of our home and I think he only wanted me to move in with a toothbrush! Fortunately for our relationship, I moved in right when it was time to decorate for Christmas. Meaning, things that had been up on the walls and tables were coming down to make room for Christmas cheer.

The first boxes we unpacked after my move were all of our Christmas decorations. Both of us love to decorate for Christmas and the best part is that for the most part the color pallets are the same – red and green goes well with red and green! At the end of the day, I love how our home reflects our families, our pasts, and our future together!

In the living room, we have a mantle that my holiday village fit perfectly! Ryan loves villages and I hope that we will have many years of adding to the collection.


In the den, we had another mantle to decorate and were able to incorporate things from our childhood. Ryan remembered many Christmases with the vintage candles and Santa and I found this old wooden Santa and reindeer from my childhood in one of the closets!

20151218_213533 20151218_215838



I really love how we re-purposed old stocking holders from Ryan’s childhood into decorations for a doorway.


This bear has been naughty and is in timeout.


My Nana’s angel and silver Christmas tree frames our old nativity scene perfectly. Every time I pass by I think of her and all of our holiday memories together.


My favorite memory of the weekend was decorating our first tree together. While we’ve decorated his tree in previous years, this was our tree. It mixed ornaments that we had collected individually and others we’ve acquired ourselves. Like this champagne bottle that we picked up on our trip to Fredericksburg.



Unfortunately, the beautiful tree did not last long. Cece, our adorable cat, decided to launch herself into the tree, ruining the careful placement of ornaments. We’ve been a little preoccupied with other holiday plans and preparing for the wedding (2 weeks to go!), that we haven’t had the chance to fix the tree yet.

IMG_1808 (1)

We will get the tree back in perfect order before Christmas (it’s on the honey-do list) and cannot wait to host our first holiday together. It will be a mix of both of our families and truly the beginning of a really exciting holiday season!

Hope your holiday season is filled with joy and lots of laughter!