A recent trip to the post office reminded me that despite the leaps in technology that allow my to print my own postage, not all post offices are made equal.

Nestled into the small side streets of a sleepy part of my neighborhood is Station A.

tAB - Post Office (7)

Though innocuous from outside, the boxes inside will transport you to a time when mail was a primary form of communication.


It got me thinking about the fact that I don’t use mail nearly as much as I used to. Sure, I have a few friends and family members for whom mail is our primary form of staying in touch – holiday cards, multi-page updates, and maybe a few recipes, but the bulk of my mailing activity is Prime, vacation, or Etsy-selling related.

The joy we all feel as we get our friends’ Christmas cards underlines that we all still like to receive mail – but do we make time to send it? As I make plans for 2016, I’m including a dedication to enjoying the simpler things in life, including hand-writing notes to more people. Station A will be seeing a lot more of me this year.