We’ve talked a LOT about the joy we get with party planning. We have a large group of friends and can find something to celebrate probably more often than is warranted – but who doesn’t love a good party?

That being said, we do share hosting and planning duties across our crowd, and we’ve come up with a planning recipe for success. Whether it’s a fete for four, forty, or four hundred, these basics will help ensure you’re covered.

  1. Plan early
    • Finalize a date as quickly as you can. You can get a lot done in a week if that’s all the time you have, but you’ll need to have a firm date & time to aim appropriately.
  2. Pick a theme
    • Let your creative juices flow. A baby party doesn’t have to mean diaper challenges – it can be anything you want it to be!
  3. Purse Prudence
    • Don’t think champagne when you have a beer budget.
  4. Preside – be a leader, and delegate, delegate, delegate
    • Avoid the dreaded too many chiefs, not enough Indians syndrome by laying out clear leadership in the early stages.
  5. Police extraneous input
    • Your Aunt Marge may have thoughts on what games to include in a bridal shower – but that doesn’t mean you have to pass them along. Especially if they’re outdated, over complicated, or not in the blueprints.
  6. Personalize
    • This may seem obvious, but remember the party honoree and what he/she/they  like. Incorporate a favorite color, cupcake, or food item.
    • Hold your horses, cowgirl,
  7. Pocket your ability to make executive decisions, and exercise it judiciously
    • Your hosting crew is there to help you – but if you’re finding they are hindering progress, or it’s not a big enough detail to warrant 12 emails, make a choice and move forward
  8. Predict day-of expectations
    • Schedule a dry run if it looks like it’ll be complicated
  9. Purse your lips: something will go wrong
    • Get your mind right now – whether flowers are the wrong color, the souffle falls, someone forgets their piece, or even a party-goer gets over-served…something will absolutely go wrong. And you’re likely the only one who will notice.
  10. Party! That is, after all, what this is all about!
    • The most important part of party planning – and the party – is to have fun! Don’t get so wrapped up in the details that you blink and it’s time to clean up.