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I just finished one of the easiest projects that took me well over six months to complete! Fortunately for our readers, the length of time was due to moving and other life events and not because of the actual steps involved.

I have these old balloon dining chairs (4 total) that have been sitting in my garage for several years, waiting for me to get around to give them new purpose. Three are in good condition and just need the cushions repaired and reupholstered. This fourth one, however, was not sturdy enough to hold even the skinniest bottom and needed either repairs or to find a new purpose.


I’m not super handy at repairing things so I decided to give it a new job! We love putting flowers in things here and the carving on the chair back was floral so I thought, “Why not turn this chair into a planter?” The plan was to remove the seat and figure out a way to insert a planter and have flowers were the cushion once was.

The first step was getting the chair cleaned up a bit so I could spray paint it a bright blue. I just used warm water and a little dish soap to get years of dust and grime off. Plus I needed to remove the decades old masking tape price tag from the estate sale where these were purchased (not by me, I haven’t been doing this for decades…yet!).


Once the chair was dry, I gave it two quick coats of spray paint and left it in the garage for months. I was about to move and didn’t have anything to use for the planter yet.


It wasn’t until last week when cleaning out my parents garage and shop that I came across an old stock pot and it was the perfect size. I drilled a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage (I used a 1/4″ bit on the drill) and put some broken pottery and bricks at the bottom.

20160308_182558 20160308_182543 20160308_182706

Then I filled the pot with potting soil and then planted some bright flowers. I placed the chair under a big tree in the yard and carefully placed the pot in the seat. Voila! A charming place to showcase the beginning of spring!

20160308_183422 20160308_183415

Since the placement of the chair is temporary (we’ve got another move coming up in July), I only used annuals in the pot. When it gets to its permanent home in Morgantown, I plan on planting a perennial that will grow over the edge of the pot and down the legs. I’m thinking something like creeping jenny.

As for the rest of the chairs, they will eventually get spruced up and used as dining room over-flow chairs when we have larger parties!

Projects don’t have to overly complicated or have a lot of moving parts to make a big statement. Sometimes just a little brightening up can give an old piece a new lease on life!