A recent excavation led me to interweb serching on the best way to clean old glass. Regardless of how thick something feels, you don’t want to risk ruining your Whirlpool by loading all the oldies into the dishwasher. Thankfully, mason jars are famously sturdy, and are subjected to extreme heat early in their lives — repeatedly, even, when you’re a pickler like me!

But, sometimes the grime is too much for your kitchen sponge or Bosch to handle. Thankfully, there’s instructables.com and – my favorite magic cleaning ingredient – white vinegar!

Check out their before and after! instructables - chopping block farm

Also, prepare yourself for some giggles: “Exhibit 4: Soak the cruddy areas in vinegar for approximately ½ hour.If the cruddy areas can not be covered by placing the jar in a dish and/or flipping and rolling to saturate crud, try using a small bucket or tea jug. You can soak longer if you think you have extra tough crud, but under 1/2 hour doesn’t seem to do the trick.”
Tea jug….?! Extra tough crud? For sure!!

Best part of this particular article was that these folks have a farm and a blog – and it’s got even more giggles and great information on how to date your old Ball jars!

“Along with about 7,000 new spider friends and enough mouse skeletons to cast the next Tim Burton movie, were what we assume is a few hundred calcium covered, stained, rusted and coated jars, jugs lids and beautiful zinc screw on tops.” 
For those of us who fancy ourselves as pickers, you know EXACTLY what he’s talkin about!

I’ll be posting about my new old glass soon – stay tuned!