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We’re FAMOUS! Well, maybe not famous, but we have been deemed “jewelry insiders and trendsetters” by people who know!

We were recently asked to provide comments on an article on vintage engagement rings for invaluable.com’s blog, In Good Taste. You may remember that we’ve previously worked on a project with invaluable.com, using one of their rings as inspiration for a dining room centerpieces. We had so much fun with that project and love things that sparkle (who doesn’t?), that of course we said “I do!” to being a part of this article (pun intended).

Here are our perspectives on vintage engagement rings (always a good choice) and some photos of our engagement rings (so pretty):

Emily and I share a love of all things vintage and antique – especially when it comes to jewelry! The great thing about working in tandem with each other is that we are often drawn to very different styles.

I’m recently married(!) and I have the most perfect example of what I love in a vintage engagement ring: bezel set diamonds in yellow gold. My ring was my Nana’s, which makes it even more special. Heritage jewelry is always in style! Three diamonds in an engagement ring symbolizes past, present, and future — and when a piece is heirloom, it has deep roots. The love that carried Nana through marriage now carries me.

Ashley Munn Photography

Ashley Munn Photography

I recently enjoyed an anniversary upgrade that exemplifies my trend preference: fancy shaped diamonds on delicate bands. My original engagement ring was a heritage piece — an early 1900s mine cut passed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother, to my mother, then to me; but, my pear shaped diamond is reflection of my personal style. Fancy shaped (and even colored) diamonds can stand on their own, needing little embellishment from the band. In truth, my stone has some “salt and pepper” to it, making it extra glittery and interesting. Things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Fancy-shaped stones came into vogue during the diamond rush of the late-Victorian and Edwardian eras, as both center an accent stones, and larger ones were particularly en vogue thanks to DeBeers’ successful post-war campaign.

Carissa Byers Photography

engagement ring 2

We are both fans of mixing old and new, allowing for a better expression of individual style. Stack that vintage engagement ring with as many wedding and anniversary bands you like — extra points for varying metals, band designs, and diamond or gemstone shapes! (How very Audrey Hepburn!)

You can read the whole article and see all of the pretty rings here!

~Emily & Lainey

P.S. We are pulling together our Marburger Farm report, and are excited to start sharing our shopping successes and projected trends this Saturday!