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Fabrics were another major trend this year at Marburger Farms. Walking around the tents, we saw a lot of different styles, prints, and colors of textiles which added another layer of coziness to the tents. With the heavier furniture, the tents this show was a place where you wanted to hang out.

Textiles are awesome. They add warmth, softness, color, and versatility to a room. Textiles aren’t just for covering the ends of the couch (in my case, hiding where the cat scratched it up) or putting on the bare floor. They can be draped across other types of furniture or hung on the wall.

Caliente Cowgirl -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (21)

I really loved the wooden latter with the serapes – it would go great in a cozy living space.

Caliente Cowgirl -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (20)


When it comes to rugs, there’s lots of options beyond oriental. Braided oval rugs like this one, work great in small spaces or possibly in a kitchen. Alan Hoops & Steve Thompson -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (24)

I loved all of the bright serapes rugs. I think they’d go great in an informal space like a living room. If you are hesitant about doing bright colors on the wall, a rug like this is an easy way to add bright color to a neutral room. You can use the colors in the rug to guide you on accent pillows or other decor items.

Estate Sales by June - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (6)Estate Sales by June - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (8)Estate Sales by June - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (10)Estate Sales by June - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (11)Leslie Davis Interiors - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (2)There are a lot of options for different types of rugs. Here are some others that we saw and really liked. The great thing about rugs is you can mix and match throughout your home. One of Lainey’s future goals is to layer different rugs within the same room! Here are more rugs that we wished we could’ve taken home with us!

Estate Sales by June - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (9) Estate Sales by June - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (7) Lavendar Road -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (27) The WareHouse - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (16) Brian W Curtis Antiques & Fine Art -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (4) Alan Hoops & Steve Thompson -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (25)

Switching directions, another trend in textile is using mangle cloth as kitchen linens. Mangle cloth is pure linen that was used to help iron items in a mangle machine. Now the cloth is popular as towels, tablecloths or runners, and napkins. We like using mangle cloth because not only does it work well when drying dishes, but it gives the table a clean look that is not too formal and not too country (but can be if you want).

Lavendar Road -Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (28) The French Corner - Textiles - MF Spring 2016 (14)

The thing about mangle cloth or serapes is that you aren’t confined to using them as only a tablecloth, blanket, or rug. You can use different textiles in pillows, as part of furniture upholstery, wall coverings, etc. the sky’s the limit!


Thank you to: Caliente Cowgirl, Alan Hoops, The French Corner, The Warehouse, Leslie Davis Interiors, Lavendar Road, Estate Sales b June, Brian W. Curtis Antiques

Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author.