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I alluded to a bevy of treasure a few weeks ago in this post. My old house recently suffered some plumbing issues, and sweet hub and I took the opportunity to explore the crawl space and see what lies beneath. When we had our home inspection two years ago, the guy mentioned a trove of old bottles that lined one side of our house – but he wouldn’t take any out because it wasn’t technically our house yet. Curiosity won over my fear of things that crawl in the dark, so, geared up in a bunny suit and more layers than temperately appropriate, I ventured under the house, my headlamp lighting the way.

With a plastic laundry bag in tow, I collected the surprising number of bottles, cans, and other objects from under the house. I guess some things never change – construction debris and litter included.

After a quick rinse of water and a culling of anything sharply broken, this is what I had!

Jars of many brands, including Mason and Drey, beer cans (Schlitz!), soda bottles, and even an enamel bowl! You’ll note that the majority of these are true to age of the home – our 1926 construction workers may have needed more bins. Some of the bottles are more likely mid-century, from times work has been done on the house.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with them all – or even if I’ll further clean them in vinegar, to bring back the or original hue – as I kind of like the streaky, cloudy, opalescent look they have now. But, I do feel more connected with my house, and to the folks who built it.