I looked for stained glass for my house’s front window for a long time. I finally found it in Round Top this spring – and will brag show you that project as soon as it’s complete.

In the meantime, I’ve found myself drooling over pictures found in Payne’s Stained Glass online store. Cathy and John Payne are our favorite kind of dealers – approachable and eager to educate about the things they’re passionate about. Their Facebook page has videos that allow you to experience the greatness of “the fields” from the comfort of your home, and shows you only a sampling of their incredible volume of English stained glass.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces – you’ll note that I favor those still in their original frame:

How clever of the Payne’s to show you what the glass will look like both front- and back-lit!

HIt’s fun to daydream about what kind of quaint village homes this glass came from – and imagine the impact they could make if I had a house large enough to accommodate!